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  • Condition: New vehicle
  • Manufacturer: Talaria
  • Model: Sting R MX4
  • Year: 2024
  • Stock #: INS00743
  • Type: Electric Bike
  • Exterior colour: Black



The Talaria STING electric motorcycle was born to deliver top performance. It features a lightweight frame, a powerful electric motor delivering instant torque, transferred via intelligent gearing while running extremely quietly. Its compact, well-balanced structure is easy to maneuver and requires minimal maintenance. All these features make STING the ideal vehicle for more people than ever to enjoy the passion of off-road adventures. Transfer case (gearbox), Wider rear wheel, Real-time adjustable engine regeneration, Improved battery connector, Stronger headset bearings are just some of Talaria Sting's exciting new features.

  • +30% maximum power, making it the most powerful in its class
  • 45 AH battery for longest autonomy and service life
  • Gearbox for quiet, reliable power transmission (no belts to replace)
  • Regenerative braking (can be easily adjusted on the display for optimum performance)
  • Fast recharge time (3 hours)
  • Braking system: 220 mm brake discs
  • DC IPM motor with 94% efficiency
  • Suspension: Fastace or Talaria Factory
  • Rear brake disc guard
  • Improved 125 A circuit breaker

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